Eine Mauer wie eine Frau (a wall like a woman) is a project for a public sculpture in the Killesberg
Höhe area in Stuttgart. This project won the first prize of the competition « No Art-No City »
Web link : fraumauer.over-blog.com

The project was to create a relation between the organic forms of a body and the architecture.
The idea is to propose a bridge, a way to link the Killesberg area with the school of fine art.

I thus devised a constellation of concrete breasts along the wall separating the school and the
Killesberg area. Importantly, the breasts are castings of the woman students'. This round form
the woman body becomes fused with the wall. The composition of the concrete used to cast the
breasts will be similar to that of the wall. The organisation of castings will form a constellation
with rhythms and variations. The sculpture will play with the displacements of the people walking
along the wall.

This constellation is inspired by the founding myth of the milky way according to which the half-god
Heracles, sucking from Hera's breast – the insurance of its future immortality--, was deprived from
it by the goddess, thereby letting slip away a trail of milk.