The exhibition Cool Coal displays an installation by Elsa Farbos created during her three months residency in Prague.
The exhibition in the gallery of the French Institute is an outcome of mutual exchange between MeetFactory and
the Center for Contemporary Art CEAAC in Strasbourg. Throughout her residency, Elsa was working parallel in her studio
- dealing with the nature of matter - and outside - going for excursions into the nature, in particular places that are heavily
violated by human beings. The open pit mines of Most and the industrial zones in the Silesia region were sources of inspiration
that pointed Elsa’s interest towards what is hidden underground - minerals and stories. Through her experiments with
numerous variations of plaster and coal casts the delicate nuances of significance shine through – step by step, they
emerge their scale from the natural, through the environmental to the political. And so, Elsa, despite our initial association
with heat and energy, show us the cool face of this dark material.

The exhibition was curated by Lucia Kvocakova and Piotr Sikora.