Alabaster (Albâtre) is a project by Elsa Farbos and Emmanuelle Hardy.

Living in Stuttgart in Germany (DE), Elsa Farbos got interested in the coal
power plant near her home. She invited Emmanuelle Hardy in 2015 to enrich
and develop this subject together.

In December 2016, the work « Altbach » was presented during the exhibition
« Etape 2 » in Rennes, France.

In March 2017, Elsa Farbos exhibited a series of sculptures made of plaster
under the name « Alabaster, (lorry, tank, etc.) » in Plochingen (DE).

Finally in April 2017, the Popular University of Esslingen (DE) welcomed their
duet photography exhibition. At the end of the exhibition, the photographs in
the University’s hall will remain permanently.